134th Canton Fair Returns with a Spectacular Showcase of Global

The highly anticipated 134th China Import and Export Fair, commonly known as the Canton Fair, returned to Guangzhou with great fanfare, proving once again its significance as a leading global trade event. From October 15 to November 6, the Fair showcased the resilience and adaptability of international business communities amid a rapidly changing global landscape.

Taking the theme of "Fostering a New Development Paradigm, Sharing a Win-Win Future," the 134th Canton Fair presented a unique blend of innovation, support for sustainable development, and mutual cooperation. In continuation of the previous edition's successful model, the Fair seamlessly integrated in-person and virtual experiences, allowing exhibitors and buyers from around the world to participate unhindered by travel restrictions.

With a record-breaking number of over 26,000 exhibitors, the Fair created an expansive platform for businesses across various sectors to showcase their products and services. From electronics and machinery to textiles and home appliances, the Fair catered to diverse market demands, stimulating trade and economic recovery in the post-pandemic era.

The virtual exhibition, powered by cutting-edge technology, provided exhibitors with an immersive digital presence, enabling uninterrupted engagement with potential buyers worldwide. Interactive online displays, live streaming sessions, and AI matchmaking algorithms facilitated efficient product browsing, negotiation, and procurement, enhancing the virtual experience for attendees.

The Canton Fair stood as a testament to China's successful containment of the COVID-19 pandemic and its robust economic recovery. The event showcased the country's determination to revive international trade and serve as a reliable partner for global business communities.



On October 15, 2023, Zhejiang Hongda Group Dafeng Electronics Co., Ltd. participated in the 134th Canton Fair, showcasing the company's Electric motor products and technical strength to the world, and gained a lot.

During the 5-days exhibition, Dafeng Motor attracted numerous domestic and foreign customers for consultation and discussion with its exquisite technology and excellent product quality. The company's booth was crowded with people, presenting a lively and extraordinary scene.

The General Manager of Dafeng Motor stated, "Our participation in the Canton Fair not only showcased our company's innovative capabilities to the world, but also brought us valuable market feedback and suggestions. This has important guiding significance for our future research and market expansion of motor products.”

This exhibition at the Canton Fair not only achieved fruitful results, but also showcased the advantages of the company's electric motor products to overseas customers, and demonstrated the company's good service awareness, laying a solid foundation for expanding overseas markets.

As the curtains fell on the 134th Canton Fair, participants celebrated the fruitful negotiations, emerging partnerships, and successful deals that were forged during the event. The Fair's resounding success echoed the collective optimism of businesses worldwide, signifying a renewed commitment to expanding international trade networks for shared prosperity.

Looking ahead, the Canton Fair organizers are eager to further enhance the event's digital capabilities and continue supporting the growth of global trade. The seamless fusion of online and offline experiences has paved the way for future adaptations and developments, ensuring the Canton Fair remains an exceptional platform for international business collaboration.

In conclusion, the 134th Canton Fair reaffirmed its standing as a premier hub for global trade. Through its innovative approach, seamless digital integration, and adherence to health and safety measures, the Fair served as an epitome of resilience, adaptability, and renewed hope for a vibrant future in international trade.